Second draft, April 27th, 2017
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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 (Pre-Conference Workshop)

Time     Subject


    Workshop on “Forensic linguistics: new procedures and standards”
Chair: Carole E. Chaski (Georgetown, US), Victoria Guillén Nieto (Alicante, Spain), Hannes Kniffka (University of Bonn, Germany), Dieter Stein (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Location: “Liefmannhaus”, Goethestraße 33-35, 79100 Freiburg
Paper presentation:
(1) A Spanish Corpus for Forensic Linguistic Research
Ángela Almela Sánchez-Lafuente (CUD-San Javier, Spain), Gema Alcaraz Mármol (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), Victoria Guillén Nieto (Universidad de Alicante, Spain), Arancha García Pinar (Universidad de Cartagena, Spain), Lourdes Cerezo García (Universidad de Murcia, Spain), Clara Pallejá López (Universidad de Murcia, Spain), Carole E. Chaski  (Institute for Linguistic Evidence, US)
(2) Differentiating the Language of Domestic Abusers
Ángela Almela Sánchez-Lafuente (CUD-San Javier, Spain), Gema Alcaraz Mármol (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), Pascual Cantos Gomez (Universidad de Murcia, Spain), Carole E. Chaski (Institute for Linguistic Evidence, US)
Style and Language
(3) Style and Authorship
Carole E. Chaski (Institute for Linguistic Evidence, US)
(4) Approaches to style in qualitative authorship analysis
Eilika Fobbe (Heiligengrabe, Germany)
(5) Levels of linguistic description in repetition effects associated with ‘successful’ and ‘unsuccessful’ dialogue
Carl Vogel (Dublin, Ireland)
(6) Giving Expert Opinion and Real Life. Some Sociolinguistic Comments to Authorship Analysis
Hannes Kniffka (Freiburg im Breigau, Germany)
Language as Crime
(7) ‘If words matter...’ – Linguistic evidence in criminal trials
Julia Muschalik (University of Düsseldorf, Germany)
(8) ’Defamation’ as a language crime
Victoria Guillén Nieto (Universidad de Alicante, Spain)
(9) Conceptualizations of apologies and their legal relevance
Klaus Peter Schneider (University of Bonn, Germany)
(10) Child abuse: the linguistics of reliability in non-adult witnesses
Beate Daber, Martina Nicklaus and Dieter Stein (University of Düsseldorf, Germany)
(11) Influences of felicitous and non-felicitous presuppositions on belief in French
Elizabeth Allyn Smith and Myriam Raymond-Tremblay (University of Montréal, Canada)
Forensic Phonetics
(12) Voice profiling: forensic phonetics applied in the case of the clumsy kidnapper
Gea de Jong-Lendle (University of Marburg, Germany)
18:30     Come together
Room: TBA.


Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Time   Form   Topic – Speaker – Chair – Location
08:30   Plenary   Conference Office
Room: KGI, Room 1108
09:30   Plenary   Welcome and Introduction
Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
10:00   Plenary
  Legal Linguistics in the US: looking back and looking forward (working title)
Prof. Dr. Lawrence Solan (Brooklyn Law School, New York, US)
Chair: Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
11:00   Plenary
  The practice of the law across modes and media: Challenges and opportunities for legal linguists
Prof. Dr. Ruth Breeze (University of Navarra, Spain)
Chair: Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
12:00   Lunch Break
13:30   Panel Talks   EU Legal Culture and Translation
(1) Legal theory and logic as prerequisites for (quality in) legal translation
Anna Jopek-Bosiacka (Warsaw, Poland)
(2) The migration of constitutional concepts: four ‘translation curios’
Sophie Boyron (Birmingham, UK)
(3) Interaction of law and language in the EU: challenges of translating in multilingual environment
Aleksandra Cavoski (Birmingham, UK)
Chair: Łucja Biel  (Warsaw, Poland); Vilelmini Sosoni (Corfu, Greece)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
Legislation and  Language Rights
(1) The creation of laws in a multilingual environment – Case study of the 19th century Belgian situation
Marie Bourguignon (Leuven, Belgium)
(2) Coherence in legislative texts – Can it be done, and how?
Stefan Höfler (Zurich, Switzerland)
(3) Communicating Language Rights in a Diachronic Perspective
Lelija Socanac (Zagreb, Croatia)
Chair: TBA.
Room: KGI, Romm 1009
15:00   Coffee Break
15:30   Panel Talks   EU Legal Culture and Translation
(1) Translating in the EU: Investigating the effect of translation manuals and  drafting style guides on legal language and translation practice
Vilelmini Sosoni (Corfu, Greece)
(2) Impact of institutionalization on translation quality: a corpus-based research of translation of EU law
Łucja Biel  (Warsaw, Poland)
(3) EU Legal Language and Translation: Dehumanizing the Refugee Crisis
Elpida Loupaki (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Chair: Łucja Biel  (Warsaw, Poland); Vilelmini Sosoni (Corfu, Greece)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
Pragmatics in Legal Linguistics
(1) International Law, Pragmatics and Procedural Meaning: What is the Potential?
Jennifer Smolka  (Geneva, Switzerland); Benedikt Pirker (Fribourg, Switzerland)
(2) Linguistic-pragmatic perspectives on judicial reasoning in aboriginal law in Canada
Janet Giltrow (Vancouver, Canada)
(3) The Strategic Value of Ambiguity for the Authority of EU Law in the Dialogue between the European Court of Justice and the National Courts
Sofiya Svetlanova Kartalova (Tübingen, Germany)
Chair: Jan Schuhr (Erlangen, Germany)
Room: KGI, Romm 1009
17:00   Coffee Break
17:30   Panel Talks   EU Legal Culture and Multilingualism
(1) The Triumph of Law over Language? A Case Study of Multilingually Negotiated EU Law
Izabela Schiffauer (Wrocław, Poland); Peter Schiffauer (Hagen, Germany)
(2) EU legal language and its influence on national legal languages and cultures of member states
Agnieszka Doczekalska (Warsaw, Poland)
(3) Implications of multilingualism for legal interpretation and translation: a comparison of international adjudicative bodies
Fernando Prieto Ramos (Geneva, Switzerland); Lucie Pacho Aljanati (Geneva, Switzerland)
Chair: TBA.
Room: KGI, Room 1098
Legal Discourse
(1) Speech Act Functions in Direct and Cross Examination Discourse in the Kenyan Courtroom
Gatitu Kiguru (Nairobi, Kenya)
(2) A Metalanguage for Misrepresentation
Karen Petroski (St. Louis, US)
Chair: Janine Luth (Heidelberg, Germany)
Room: KGI, Romm 1009
19:00   Short Break
19:15   Plenary
  Multilingual and Supranational Law in the EU:
'United in Diversity' or 'Tower of Babel'?

Prof. Dr. Ninon Colneric (Former Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities; Hamburg, Germany)
Chair: Ralf Poscher (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
20:15   Hors d'Oeuvres Reception
Room: KGI, Aula


Friday, September 8th, 2017

Time   Form   Topic – Speaker – Chair – Location
09:00   Panel Talks   Legal Linguistics in Germany, China and Russia
(1) Legal Linguistics in Germany
Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg, Germany)
(2) Juridical linguistics in Russia: traditions and prospects
Svetlana Tachtarova (Kasan, Russia)
(3) Courtroom Interruption and Gender in China
Meizhen Liao (Wuhan, China)
Chair: Lawrence Solan (Brooklyn Law School, US)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
Legal Discourse: Argumentation
(1) But-patterns in confrontational talk: The case of oral arguments
Magdalena Szczyrbak (Kraków, Poland)
(2) Variations in objectivity-oriented interpretative legal discourse – Cartography and analysis of interpretative practices and strategies
Gustavo Just (Recife, Brazil)
(3) Rhetorical rationality and construction of normative meanings in law
Fabiana Fabiana Pinho (São Paulo, Brazil)
Chair: Thomas Coendet (Shanghai, China)
Room: KGI, Room 1009
10:30   Coffee Break
11:00   Panel Talks   Law and Media
(1) Court, constitutionality and conflict in media representations – Poland’s Constitutional Court as a case in point
Stanislaw Gozdz-Roszkowski (Lodz, Poland); Monika Kopytowska (Lodz, Poland)
(2) Constructing Legal Knowledge on Institutions through Multimedia: Choice of Aspects and Complexity of Knowledge in Different Settings
Jan Engberg (Aarhus, Denmark)
(3) Misuse of Translated Legal Terms in Chinese Newspapers: Some Examples from Intellectual Property Law Illustrated
Clara Chan (Hong Kong, China)
Chair: Ekkehard Felder (Heidelberg, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
Communicating Law
(1) Knowledge transfer with linguistic experts and expertly informed legal laymen
Viktorija Osolnik Kunc (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
(2) The legal status of tax (mis)communication in a multidisciplinary approach
Tirza Cramwinckel (Leiden, Netherlands)
(3) The JustClar project: insights into judicial phraseology
Pontrandolfo Gianluca (Trieste, Italy)
Chair: Svetlana Tachtarova (Kasan, Russia)
Room: KGI, Room 1009
12:30   Lunch Break
14:00   Panel Talks   Corpus linguistics and hermeneutics in Legal Linguistics
(2) A corpus-informed and cognitive-semantic view on legal language
Aleksandar Trklja (Birmingham, UK)
(2) “Effectiveness” Patterns in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights: Uncovering the Emergence of Neoliberal Discourse in EuropeanLaw through Corpus Linguistics
Anne Lise Kjær (Copenhagen, Denmark)
(3) Computer Assisted Legal Linguistics (CAL2)
Isabelle Gauer (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany), Hanjo Hamann (Bonn, Germany), Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Chair: Hanjo Hamann (Bonn, Germany)
Room: Room: KGI, Room 1098
Language and Crime
(1) Impoliteness and the appraisal of intentional defamation in Spanish courts
Victoria Guillén Nieto (Alicante, Spain)
(2) Japanese Authorship Analysis Studies
Mami Hiraike Okawara (Takasaki, Japan)
(3) Creativity in the Terminology of Cybercrime
Campos Miguel Angel (Alicante, Spain)
Chair: Antje Wilton (Siegen, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1009

15:30   Coffee Break
16:00   Plenary
  Creating Law with Language – Insights from the Perspective of Legislative Practice (working title)
Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz (Minister of Education, Hesse/Germany)
Chair: Dieter Stein (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Room: Room: KGI, Room 1098
17:15   Working Groups / Meetings / Freetime / Guided Tour
- PhD-Workshop: Launching an international network of PhDs in Legal Linguistics (Call for papers by February 28th, 2017)
Participants: Rohan Nanda (Turin, Italy), Milan Potočár (Bratislava, Slowakia), Daniel Benrath (Freiburg, Germany), Gatitu Kiguru (Nairobi, Kenya), Ruta Liepina (Florence, Italy), Irene Otero Fernández (Florence, Italy), Alina Busila (Chisinau, Moldova), Jake Slosser (Brussels, Belgium), Cristina Blanco Garcia (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Anne Gladitz (Bielefeld, Germany), Sofiya Kartalova (Tübingen, Germany), Florian Kuhn (Mannheim, Germany)
Chair: Yinchun Bai (Freiburg, Germany), Isabelle Gauer (Freiburg, Germany), Jana Werner (Berlin, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1140
- Guided tour of Freiburg (in preparation)


Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Time   Form   Topic – Speaker – Chair – Location
09:00   Plenary
  Social Conflicts and Legal Linguistics (working title)
Prof. Dr. Frances Olsen (UCLA Law School, Los Angeles, US)
Chair: Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
10:00   Plenary   Conclusion: Challenges for Legal Linguistics
Ruth Breeze (University of Navarra, Spain), Frances Olsen (Los Angeles, US), Ralf Poscher (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany), Lawrence Solan (Brooklyn Law School, US)
Chair: Anne Lise Kjær (Copenhagen, Denmark)
KGI, Room 1098
11:00   Coffee Break
11:30   Plenary   Relaunch ILLA 2017
Chair: Dieter Stein (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098
13:30   Plenary   Farewell
Friedemann Vogel (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Room: KGI, Room 1098